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Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information and Guidelines

Partial scholarships are available for families who qualify according to our new income guidelines and application procedure. All scholarship applicants must submit an on-line application AND upload a SIGNED copy (or copies) of their 2018 Tax Return/Form 1040 by August 15. 1040 forms must be submitted for both parents and signed by both parties. If there are two tax forms filed, both forms must be submitted.  Scholarships will not be rewarded if a 1040 form(s) is not uploaded with the online application. W-2 forms are not accepted.

If you already uploaded your 1040 form for the fall season, you do not need to upload it again in the spring. 

IF YOUR SCHOLARSHIP IS APPROVED, you will be emailed a Discount Code to use at checkout on the shopping cart page of registration. If you apply for a scholarship, please do not register until you are notified the status of your scholarship application.

Income Guidelines for Scholarship Discounts and Required Volunteer Hours

Adjusted Gross Income * Scholarship Discount Required Volunteer Hours
$40,000 or less 75% Discount 16
$40,001-60,000 50% Discount 12
$60,001-80,000 25% Discount 8

*Adjusted Gross Income is line 37 on your Tax Form 1040