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WSSL Game Schedule is now posted

Fall 2015 Practice Schedule

U10 Girls: TTH, 4-5:30PM, Rio Grande Field

U12 Girls: TTH, 4-5:30PM, Rio Grande Field

U14 Girls, TTH, 5:30-7PM, Iselin Turf

U18 Girls, M, 6:00-7:30PM & W, 2-3:30PM, Iselin Turf

U8/U10 Boys, MW, 4-5:30PM, Rio Grande Field

U12 Boys, MW, 5:30-7PM, Rio Grande Field

U14 Boys, M, 6:00-7:30PM, Iselin Turf, & W, 5:30-7PM, Rio Grande Field

Friday's Goal Keeper & Professional Skills Training Starts Sept 11th -- Watch For More Details

Thanks Aspen Rec For Partnering With Aspen United

Questions About The Season?

Call Reza Tehrani @ 970-319-5660. Reza is the President of the Club.

Questions About Coaching?

Call Davis Mills (970) 319-3919

Questions About Practices & Games?

Call Chrissy Card, Club Manager at 513-218-3387 or email